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  1. Ruth
    Ruth at |

    Great article Elizabeth. Latex is certainly hidden everywhere. At the hair dressers the other day the hairdresser whipped a kind of (well it turned out to be latex) shroud thing, can’t describe it, but it went over shoulders to keep hair off clothes and overlapped at the back, fitting snugly at the neck. I had a lovely hair cut but looked like I’d been strangled afterwards! Not a good look. Stick to the simple towel around shoulders next time for me! And interestingly I have problems with Kiwi, tomato and celery! Other things to watch out for are car door seals, dentists and doctors surgeries, (try to get appt at beginning of day when area is not contaminated). Sandwich preparation cafes staff often wear latex gloves, and also at the hospital; drips, seals, etc. can contain latex. I wrote an article about latex free condoms a while ago which might be interesting to your readers. Visit:

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  3. Scotty Strickland
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    I was just reading about latex mattresses becoming an “in” thing. Some are pure natural latex and some are a combination of natural and petrochemical products. Wondering if people that are allergic to latex would actually be allergic to the 100% natural stuff or if its simply our predominant use of petrochemically used latex?? I didn’t even know there was such a thing as latex mattresses. I looked on all the links in your article and mattresses were not mentioned.

  4. Trista
    Trista at |

    Wow! Really glad I read this. I had no idea there where so many hidden dangers for those with a latex allergy. Having to deal with my sons food allergy, I can only imagine how frustrating and challenging a severe latex allergy must be. I will definetly be sharing this one!

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