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  1. tiffany thompson
    tiffany thompson at |

    My daughter is been diagnosed anaphilatic to cashews and pistastios if you have any info of products containing them i would much appreciate it. She is like 30 seconds or less to get her epi. Thanks

  2. Amy
    Amy at |

    When my son was an infant I tried using Burts baby line and it made his eczema flare really bad. That was before we found out about his tree nut allergy at age 3!!!!! I wish I would have known more about food allergies and skin issues when he was a baby.

  3. Cate
    Cate at |

    Burts Bees is not the only product line to contain mulitple allergens in their products. A striking number of body washes, hand soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics contain almond oil. It’s a fabulous moisturizer that can be deadly to those of us with this allergy. Even my Vitamin B12 is labeled for contamination with peanuts and tree nuts. I read every label, every time I buy anything that I am going to consume or put on my body.

  4. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    I am sorry it took so long to find this out. Be careful with all soaps, bodywashes, vitamins, lipsticks and makeup. Check with a local allergy and immunology unit of a hospital as they could help you with ideas of what you can use.

  5. MrsKezner
    MrsKezner at |

    This is why I make all of my own! Too many ingredients!

  6. Gael
    Gael at |

    As an infant, my daughter had a terrible rash after using one of the Burt’s Bees baby moisturizing lotions. I have not used Burt’s Bees products on my family ever since. As my pediatrician said, just because it’s “all natural” or even “organic” doesn’t mean you won’t have a reaction to it!

    Lesson learned.

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    Found your site to see if I was the only person to have this type of
    reaction. Used this product “FOR YEARS”….then 2 months ago – lips
    swelled – rim turned red, then tiny blisters followed by dryness. Put
    it away – then yesterday – the same thing. I contacted Burts Bees and they were very cooperative and said “all natural ingredients and that our bodies change”. Interesting…

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