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  1. Colette
    Colette at |

    Thank you Aaron for sharing your thoughts on take your children to work day.

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer at |

    Great post from a very strong and supportive big brother. This is a very interesting perspective for all parents to read. I’ll definitely repost this and link to it on my site. Thanks for a great read.

  3. Debbie Bruce
    Debbie Bruce at |

    Aaron, you have done a wonderful job at ‘work’ today.
    Thank you for sharing what it feels like to be a sibling of someone with allergies. Sharing our stories lets us know we are not in this alone.
    You are a wonderful brother and it makes me feel good to know that there are brothers like you out there, who will do what ever it takes to keep those with allergies just a little bit safer.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Debbie Bruce

  4. Denise
    Denise at |

    Great post Aaron. It is good to know that you care enough about your little brother to take extra steps to keep him safe. ☺♥☺

  5. Reinhart Gauss
    Reinhart Gauss at |

    Thank you for sharing your story Aaron. You’re a great bother.

  6. Sarah- The Allergist Mom
    Sarah- The Allergist Mom at |

    I have four children and the three younger ones have life-threatening food allergies to milk, egg, wheat, soy, nuts and more. I often feel that my oldest son has to carry a lot of burden and worry for the younger three. I can tell from the way that you speak about your brother’s allergies that you are a very kind young man. You will serve as such a wonderful example to your friends now and as you get older because you have learned true empathy. Good luck in everything you do. I am sure that your family is very proud of you. Even though this post is all I know of you, I certainly am proud of you.
    Thank you Aaron!
    Sarah M. Boudreau-Romano, MD

  7. Connie Bumgarner
    Connie Bumgarner at |

    What a precious brother! My two year old grandson is allergic to
    peanuts, all dairy protein and eggs. He reacts if he even touches the foods. He also has an older brother who is four years old. It has been a learning process for our entire family. And we have all made a lot of changes in the way we eat; and I agree, I think we all eat healthier as a result of this. Thank you, young man, for sharing this from your perspective. I feel bad for both of our grandsons b/c I know it’s hard on both of them and the entire family. You are a wonderful brother, and I commend your mom and your family for doing everything possible to keep your brother safe. I forwarded this to our family members b/c I thought it would be helpful for all of us to hear the older brother’s perspective. Thank you again Aaron. I pray that God will bless you richly for your sacrifices!
    > Connie Bumgarner

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