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  1. Michele Ford
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    What I like best about “Sabrina’s Law” is that just the word LAW does make people sit up and take notice and that means education and training…people need to get that doing nothing can mean DEATH. No second chances. Here in Alberta, Canada we do not have a law, but a policy advisory, but with an advisory….regular training for all who work with our children does not happen. It is very scary, because no one is held accountable unless something happens. So more than likely, sadly, it will take a death in our province before that happens. That word negligence means a lot in the legal world. Our provincial government has been working on a new education act here, so we wait and see….and in the meantime…..well, go check your school out, read the policy, ask to be invited to the in-service that they will have if you make them and do go, ADVOCATE! In many divisions, the responsibility lies with the parent and the medical practitioner…neither of whom is in school….or they may be….like Megann’s in Quebec….but that didn’t help, did it?
    ~ Michele Ford, Advocate for Allergy Awareness in Alberta Schools

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