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  1. Headacheslayer
    Headacheslayer at |

    WOW I never thought of this! I had a terrible reaction to penicillin in college (almost every member of my side of the family has) but when I was tested a few years ago (well over a decade later) our allergist said I wasn’t allergic to it. However I’ve had reaction to other antibiotics so I avoid it at all costs.

    I’ve never had a reaction to any of those cheeses so now I wonder! Thanks for the great article!

  2. Mari D.
    Mari D. at |

    Just read your two posts on the subject. I can tell you, as the
    allergic individual, that the link between the two is real ! After a
    trial of antihistamines failed to curb my rash and itch, following ONE blue cheese straw, the ER added good old steroids…Boy,it was real scary when my mouth and face started to swell on day 2 !! No doctor ever told me to avoid blue cheese and so over the years ,I’ve probably had multiple exposures until this reall big reaction occurred. Just left my check-up, and my primary-care doc says my hubby can’t eat it either:he might kiss me and cause a reaction !And she did order an epi-pen for me to take on a long trip next year…peace.

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