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  1. Kim Middleton (article author)
    Kim Middleton (article author) at |

    Although this ad is not quite as bad as some of the others it still misses the mark especially with the comment to “consider” carrying an Epi Pen. I agree with your analysis, and am especially disappointed by the comment from AANMA. Mylan is a sponsor, and it would seem they are compromising their integrity as a reliable source of information in order to justify Mylan’s poor judgement.

  2. Jennifer B
    Jennifer B at |

    I too find it wrong to suggest people “consider” carrying an Epipen. What an odd marketing tactic. It’s misleading, especially for those NOT managing life threatening allergies. It gives the incorrect impression that there may be some other other option in an allergic reaction emergency.

  3. Jodie
    Jodie at |

    “If Internet information you read frightens you, it’s wrong. If you’re scared by what you read, it’s probably not helpful.” –AANMA

    Anaphylaxis is frightening and having your child take one wrong bite and die because school admin, or caregivers fail to respond properly is scary. It is time to face the music. Quit sugar coating it and come out of denial already. –Team Anaphylaxis, Jodie Hommer

    *The commercial is a waste of funds. Still not impressed by their commercials.

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