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  1. Debra
    Debra at |

    I am hoping this turns around quickly, to relieve Alex of this heavy burden that is really not all his own. He is brave for hanging in there, sharing his story, and fighting for justice! I hope Alex doesn’t judge the world by the people that fail to act promptly and fairly, because there are real caring humans that exist among us, though by this assault and delay/obstruction of justice it may seem hard to believe.

  2. priscilla wines
    priscilla wines at |

    This is an very serious situation, life threating. People tend to scoff
    when you say you have a allergy that can cause death. I pray that Alex continue to seek justice.

  3. Sheryl
    Sheryl at |

    This is a sick tragedy. This is premeditated attempt to take a person’s life. No, it should not be ignored!!

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