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  1. Susan
    Susan at |

    I’m confused about the trained personel requirement. Does this only apply in situations to use the stock epi-pen on a student without their own prescription and without a 504plan and medication authorization form on file? For my child I expect whatever adult is present to use the epipen on my child, whether the teacher, aide, PE teacher, and so on, not find and wait for the trained personnel. My child has a prescribed epipen and paperwork on file with school to dispense medication but I expect any adult to do it whether trained or not. Training is wonderful and useful and should be encouraged, but using the epipen should not be limited to someone trained in it. Three step instructions are printed on the side. I have used it on my child on two separate occasions and have never been formally trained. In an emergency who ever present needs to use it, not wait for someone trained.

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