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  1. Krista S
    Krista S at |

    My son has anaphylactic food allergies as well as asthma. He’s been carrying his own epi for as long as I can remember (his current middle school is THRILLED and extremely allergy supportive). I had no idea about epinephrine helping during an asthma attack. While my son has never had an attack, and really only shows signs of it during a cold, there’s always a chance, right? Thank you for posting this. NO ONE has ever told us this, not even his doctor who treats for both conditions.

    My heart goes out to Ryan’s family :*(

  2. Melissa Pearson
    Melissa Pearson at |

    Hi Elizabeth,

    This is great. I have shared on http://www.severeallergyconnect.com and will share via social media as well. I prefer the Thames Valley prescription permission form over ours in Peel -I do not like the wording on ours which says something to the effect of: We will not be responsible for delay or failure to administer medication.

    Thanks for your continued dedication to the cause.

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