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  1. Rex Murphy
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    Excellent article. I have about 15 years experience training and raising various breeds of dogs, and dealing with dog allergies. Regarding environmental allergens, many indoor dogs develop allergies as a result of exposure to common dust mites (average of 200 live dust mites per gram of dust), mold spores, and lots of other particles, fibers, even airborne chemical residues that also bother the owners.

    This is one reason I recommend that anyone with an indoor pet who has allergies to consider cleaning up the air with a quality air cleaner, as this often brings relief to the pet and the owners. To help make this easier, we offer all the best major brands of quality pet air purifiers at lower prices than anyone else online, plus free shipping. For more information on pet air cleaners, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513.

    Rex Murphy, Owner
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