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  1. Jennifer G
    Jennifer G at |

    Thank-you Elizabeth for the write-up.

    I am very familiar with this daycare as both my sons attended it for several years. For those who are not familiar with life-threatening allergies or non-believers of such allergies, this story might sound outrageous. Oh dear, suspension over a cheese sandwich! Just a mere Google search on this has transformed the topic not about “bringing outside food that might harm others” but in some media circus about “banning the cheese sandwich”.

    Many commenters mentioned that he should have gotten “a warning”. Sorry but the 3-day suspension is the warning. Others mentioned that it should have been a fine. Let’s see: how much should be the fine? $100? $5000? No, a suspension is a good way to get the point across. Other families have gotten the warning before and dealt with it like adults. The fact that Mr Murray went to the media and not in court is because he signed a contract with the daycare and as such agreed to adhere to the rules. He purposely wanted to discredit a good daycare that was just following the rules put in place to ensure safety for all attending children.

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