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  1. Henry Ehrlich
    Henry Ehrlich at |

    Thanks for citing me in your thoughtful analysis.

  2. helen richardson
    helen richardson at |

    Thank you for sharing your analysis. We were unable to watch the show here in NZ but there was a lot of ‘chat’ about it among allergy support groups and OIT in general. The discourse around OIT concerns me and the way the media have taken up the ‘peanut cure’ story is very worrying to me. I started a campaign to get epinephrine auto-injectors subsidised here in NZ and several people I have spoken to, members of the public, have questioned the necessity of this intervention on the basis of stories they have read in the media about ‘peanut cures’. Indeed, a head teacher suggested to a member of an online support group that it would be okay to relax peanut restrictions because her child would be ‘therapeutically’ exposed to peanuts. If members of the public are internalising this message it is very worrying. Personally, we got to see an allergist, recently,for the first time since my son’s anaphylactic reaction at 10 months (he is 2 and 4 months now). When I asked this well respected clinician about his thoughts on OIT he said he was very cautious. He felt not enough was known about the long term effects and impact of subjecting, often unwilling, children to the process of exposure to a life threatening allergen. A month later, post media attention to the University of Cambridge research, and the same clinician is talking about a OIT peanut trial in New Zealand and I ask myself what has changed?? I am so thankful for your critical perspective on this whole subject. Kind Regards, Helen Richardson

  3. Sharmen
    Sharmen at |

    Thank you for your take on this show nice only watched it once but kept it to rewatch. I was disappointed as well that the TCM studies weren’t included as these are the ones that show some interesting results. I had no idea about the worms until this show. I say why not. They still use leeches in hospitals here.

  4. Hickory Allergy
    Hickory Allergy at |

    Thanks for sharing. We missed the show, but I appreciate the analysis.

  5. Jan Roberts
    Jan Roberts at |

    I really find this analysis very informative and I can highly relate to this. Some strategies are quiet effective, it’s like placebo effect don’t you think? Anyway, thanks for this post.

  6. Dan Baginski
    Dan Baginski at |

    We have just ceased the milk desensitization of my 9-year old son after 14 months of gradual updosing. The final straw was when my son nearly died from anaphylaxis after one of his doses and for no apparent reason. I cannot help but feel like we were sold a bill of goods. My son did progress from not tolerating 6 mL to tolerating 200 mL, but we definitely hit a ceiling. Plus, he had to remain completely calm for 2 hours after each dose, which posed a whole different set of issues. I am curious as to what, if any, permanent damage that we may have done to his immune system and also whether or not he is now even more prone to anaphylaxis to milk. If someone has some answers to these questions, please post.

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