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  1. Debra
    Debra at |

    Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!!!!! What wonderful work you have done, which is a perfect example of the wonderful person you are! xo -Debra

  2. abigail
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    Tears of joy, I presume. You turned glowing red when you saw us sneak behind you, and even as we sang. A true testament to how deep your passion and care for others run in your veins. It’s truly a pleasure to see your smiley face every day. Congratulations on how far long you came along after just two years. I look forward to see what another two will hold for you. All I know, is that I see an even brighter path which will take you to a place you’ve ever been. Nirvana? Readers will have to wait and see! EEEeeee! I can’t believe we’re in your blog. That is too cool! Elizabeth, you rock lady.

    Peace. Love. And Peanut Free 🙂

    -print&designer coworker and pregnant friend. abby-

  3. Selena Bluntzer
    Selena Bluntzer at |

    I recall reading this back in April, and thought I had commented, but I now see that I had not! :O You have turned your passion and energy into tangible results that have actually saved lives. That is an amazing accomplishment and I commend you for it, my friend! (((HUGS)))

  4. Homa
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    You have such a big heart, thank you for all you do! I loved the behind the scenes look and I am glad you have an office to call “home.” Most of all, if you were divorce lawyering all these years we would have never connected and I would have missed out on a wonderful friend. Happy anniversary!

  5. Homa
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    Just realized this post is from April! It was emailed to me as a blog subscriber today, isn’t that random? But it is one I had missed so a belated happy anniversary!

  6. Mohamed
    Mohamed at |

    Thanks for the post and your families enerpiexce. I cried. It moved me. I can say my four year old is wise beyond his years and has to be to stay safe. He knows if we make a mistake he will get very sick and we will need to use his needle (epi) to get enough time to get help. I think there is a difference for those of us with contact reactive food allergies. Our children must understand the threat so much clearer because it is only by touch and so must the entire family.His sister who is ten was the one who has been dealing with the school issue the most. Having a contact reactive brother and having multiple issues where she was isolated from the rest of her class by our diet to keep him safe, the story hit her the hardest. It made it more real that when the aide in her classroom ate almonds at the table next to her, didn’t wash her hands and started touching things around her that she freaked out. A year ago I think there would have been a call but she would have remained more calm. Instead was very emotional reaction but part of the reaction was because there is suppose to be changa13bes put in place to include her and keep her brother safe. (Took a shower when she got home and put her clothes in the wash.)There is a fine line. Healthy respect and caution and being totally scared. I don’t know where that line is for others. We have to choose that as parents of children with life threatening food allergies. He knows of he does not wear his meds and he takes risks that he could die. He is four. It is the truth. He knows the truth. He tells others about his allergies and tells them he could die if they don’t help keep him safe and follow the rules. I think we as parents want to shield our babies from it. I think the difference is that we have to be careful not to be dishonest about it. If we do then others and they themselves could downplay the seriousness of their situation and take risks.I am glad my oldest daughter is that supportive of her little brother. She is a hero for the cause and a great role model. The six year old is not far behind. He is a typical six year old but has much knowledge and has helped those he is in class with nut allergies by recognizing potential hazards, sitting with them at lunch and reminding people to wash their hands. I have worked in the child care field for years. That is my educational background. I think every child and family is different and each of us have to choose the path with our individual families situation. What is the way to keep our children healthy is the right choice no matter if it is different for every single child. The only thing that matters is that our children feel loved, supported and stay healthy!

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