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  1. Homa
    Homa at |

    Thank you so much for the shout-out! And congratulations on being included with Healthline! Well deserved!

  2. Kevin Gates
    Kevin Gates at |

    Appreciate your work! Taking a place in some reputable source is indeed a smart work. Knowledge provided by should be an all-time unique and valuable. Getting on a good platform requires commitment too. Good luck!

  3. Felicia @ Ingredient1
    Felicia @ Ingredient1 at |

    We just discovered your blog via the Healthline list – looking forward to reading along!!

  4. Caroline
    Caroline at |

    Thank you for the inclusion! Hope you are have been well. I’ve been thinking about you lately!

  5. Ellie
    Ellie at |

    Hi. My ex husband refuses to let my son carry his epipen. He makes him leave his fanny pack at home or in the car.

    I spent almost all my savings going to court 4 years ago because he did not believe our son has food allergies, among other medical neglects. The social worker said my son (7 at the time) did not support any of the claims. They even expanded access time.

    My son tells me about his dad’s neglects, but when it comes to saying it in court, he will not testify because he loves his father.

    I asked his father to let him carry the epi and he replied that “wasn’t allowed to interview the child, per courts orders”. This proves the complaint came from the child, that I did not make it up.

    So can anything be done or will they think I’m lying again if my son won’t testify? I am not sure if anything can be done because it is not as if a social worker is going to be with them so he let’s my son put his fanny pack on.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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