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  1. Jennifer G
    Jennifer G at |

    Hi Elizabeth

    It is great to hear about Jacob and how he is navigating life on his own terms. As he embarks into this new phase of his life, you will be too! Please know that you have been a tremendous support to me personally and also for the community with your blog, your store (we still have your belts!) but mostly your advocacy.

    I work for a company that has re-branded its slogan to “life. to the fullest.” and it is very uplifting to read this on my business card.


  2. AllergyEasy
    AllergyEasy at |

    If you are a parent, you will always be after your child’s safety especially if they have food allergies. You will be worried of course if they are about to go on a trip without you because you will not be there to look after them. The good thing is that, you are able to realize now the advantage of letting your child to have fun and not keeping them away from the things they love to do.

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