Seeking Info re EpiPen Co-Pay

I’m hoping my readers can help me with this (and thank you to those who replied to my Auvi-Q question yesterday).

What I’m seeking now is proof of the co-pay amount for US EpiPen customers in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (found on prescription receipts from the pharmacy).  I know each insurance plan is different, but I’m trying to quantify the increased amounts families had to pay over the years as the EpiPen price rose and insurance plans increased their deductible.

If you would please tell me in the Comments section below or by email to, I would appreciate it VERY much. If there’s a link or document to reference, I’d appreciate that too.

I appreciate your help very much. I have such wonderful readers, and the give and take between us has been a blessing all these years.