Seeking Info re EpiPen Co-Pay

I’m hoping my readers can help me with this (and thank you to those who replied to my Auvi-Q question yesterday). What I’m seeking now is proof of the co-pay amount for US EpiPen customers in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 (found on prescription receipts from the pharmacy).  I know each insurance plan is different, […]

From The Frying Pan To The Fire: My Take On The Auvi-Q/Allerject Recall

As anyone with an interest in reading this article already must know, all Allerject and Auvi-Q brand epinephrine auto-injectors distributed in Canada and the United States were recalled this week. This is a voluntary recall, not one mandated by the FDA or by Health Canada.  I have never seen a recall that related to every […]

live clean shampoo - Allergen Alert

live clean shampoo – Allergen Alert

Recently, I bought live clean healthy balance shampoo and conditioner at Shoppers Drug Mart. While double checking the ingredient list of the products for any nut oils, I had a nasty surprise: The shampoo contains nut oil! As Jacob has life-threatening tree nut allergies, the last thing I want is to do is contaminate myself […]