Happy Birthday Onespot Allergy Blog! You’re Five Today!

My blog is five years old today! I’m almost without words when I think of how much has occurred since I stumbled into the online world. I feel like I’ve lived a few different lives since then. First, I was Onespot Allergy. I was just a lawyer with a passionate interest in allergy safety, and […]

Food Allergies Presentation Ideal For Use In Schools

Sanofi Canada, makers of Allerject™ the epinephrine auto-injector, provided me with this excellent infographic titled “Today’s Lesson: Food Allergies.” It was created for a general awareness campaign on anaphylaxis and provides an excellent guide that illustrates how to identify anaphylaxis and what to do in case of an emergency situation caused by food allergies. I’m very pleased […]

What CAN I Eat If I'm Allergic To Peanuts, Nuts, Eggs, AND Milk?

What CAN I Eat If I’m Allergic To Peanuts, Nuts, Eggs, AND Milk?

The other day, I had the privilege of speaking with food allergy pioneer Linda Coss, who has some exciting news to share. Both of her popular dairy, egg, peanut, and nut-free food allergy cookbooks – “What’s to Eat?” and “What Else is to Eat?” – are now available in e-book format! As Linda will tell […]