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Customer Testimonial:

Dear Elizabeth,

I write to you this evening with a grateful heart. Our beloved, six year old daughter Evangeline had an accidental peanut exposure on Friday evening while she was dining at a restaurant with her dad. I am rarely absent from dinners out – but I was this particular evening. She tasted the peanut and spit it out quickly, but her reaction was still almost immediate. She cried out in pain as her lips began to burn and swell and complained of a scratchy throat.best epi-pen belt review Evangeline has carried her epi-pens in her OneSpot Allergy Belt faithfully since the beginning of the school year. I can tell you with absolute certainty that my husband has never been so relieved to see anything as much as that belt – one second away, when it was needed. We’ve had other belts before. They were too bulky and uncomfortable, so we would find them missing throughout the day. Your belt goes on at breakfast and comes off at bedtime. It’s comfortable, durable and having it on may have just saved her life.

Thank you. A million times over.

Evangeline’s Mom

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