Reporter Seeks Input From Onespot Allergy Blog Readers

I had the great privilege to speak with a reporter yesterday, as he’s doing some research for an article.  I offered to seek feedback from my wonderful blog readers about the following:

  1. Have you obtained Mylan’s generic EpiPen or faced any issue with it?
  2. Is it more complicated to get their generic, rather than a brand name EpiPen?
  3. How and why did you make your decision to go with branded or generic?
  4. Did you go with a different product instead?

I would love for you to comment below on my blog, if you have anything to say in response to any of those questions. If you prefer, you may email me at

In order to be quoted in the newspaper article, the reporter would need to speak with you directly. In other words, you won’t be quoted unless he speaks with you first.

I think this is very cool, and I look forward to reading your responses as they come in!  It’s a great chance to give feedback that may have an impact.

* If you would please share this post on the allergy pages you follow and by email with your contacts with allergies, that would be appreciated. The link to share is: