Onespot™Allergy was founded in 2009 by Elizabeth Goldenberg, a Canadian lawyer and the mother of two sons, one of whom has a life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. Elizabeth is the co-author with Allergist Dr. Mark Greenwald of the first and online online anaphylaxis first aid course with tracking, which curriculum explains exactly how to handle an allergic emergency. She is also the co-creator of Epi-Kits, kits that contain epinephrine auto-injectors and hang on the wall like a defibrillator, bringing epinephrine to all the places it’s needed.

Elizabeth has a gift for communicating about issues affecting the allergic community with a unique emphasis on legal and safety issues. Through this blog, her retail site, newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter pages, she reaches millions of people per year, and she acts as a conduit between Doctors and allergic patients, companies and allergic consumers.

Elizabeth Goldenberg is a powerful and trusted voice speaking to allergic individuals.  She is a Brand Advocate for SunButter Sunflower Seed Spread.
Here is some feedback from some of Elizabeth’s Brand Advocacy clients:
I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for the great job you did on the Kids With Food Allergy Promotion. Our sales that day were 125% more than the previous promotion and we attribute that in large part to the promotion you did the week preceding the event and the day of the event. I appreciated your quick response time to promotional opportunities as they popped up during the day as well as the advice you provided on enhancing our Facebook promotion. I look forward to our continued partnership. With Best Regards,  Heather Selwa, Peanut Free Planet

We have been very impressed with Elizabeth’s knowledge of allergen issues and her ability to relate so easily with people, from parents to schools to businesses.  As a brand, in our ongoing effort to be responsible to the public with respect to a very sensitive area such as allergens, we have found Elizabeth’s knowledge and guidance most helpful.   Her diplomacy, organizational abilities and prompt responses to  questions or concerns speaks to her professionalism.  Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with! Loreta Miskinis, Vice President/General Manager, Kernels Popcorn Limited

I have been so impressed with how you promote Lauren’s Hope and our product. I can truly say this partnership has been the best, and most successful, Lauren’s Hope has experienced over the last year. It’s been wonderful working with someone who is so knowledgeable and dedicated to bringing awareness to food allergies and working with companies who are here to support the community. Have a great weekend, Jenna White, Director of Marketing, Lauren’s Hope

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth to film a series of on camera interviews in January of 2012. Elizabeth has a friendly and professional demeanor and was well informed on wide range of allergy topics and how allergies affect day to day living. She was well prepared for the interview and was able to get meaningful conversation to flow easily. I believe Elizabeth’s blog and videos are a helpful resource to allergy sufferers and parents in providing up-to-date and important information for their health and safety. Dr. Gordon Sussman, Gordon Sussman Clinical Research Inc.

Elizabeth may be reached by e-mail at info@onespotallergy.com.