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  1. Hilary
    Hilary at |

    I’m in London too! I also spent way too much time looking at all of the Carnby items at Shoppers Drug Mart. They had so much different labeling. Some with tree nut warnings and some without, some items with nuts, some without. There was way too much confusion for me. Another brand that makes me crazy is “Two Bite” their peanut free logo has tiny “may contain tree nuts” below it.
    We went for a play date at a friend’s house and she was so proud of herself that she had found a package of delicious looking cupcakes that my daughter could have too. I felt awful telling her that it was not in fact safe. We as parents of fa kids would always read the label, but for her the peanut free symbol seemed like it was perfect!
    I’m just so glad that I was at the play date too, and didn’t just drop her off. Seems so misleading to slap a peanut free symbol on a package that may contain tree nuts. Frustrating!

  2. Andrea Watson
    Andrea Watson at |

    I am allergic to tree nuts and I am not certain any kind of chocolate is safe because even though the manufacturing company may be nut/peanut free, where the cocoa bean originates may not be. A lot of producers of the cocoa plant also produce tree nuts and there could be cross contamination before it gets to the manufacturers.

  3. Melissa Packman
    Melissa Packman at |

    Thanks for bringing this up – I too spent some time looking around at all these confusing labels. It seems a first for me this year to see the Peanut Free but not tree nut free symbol. I found some at Walmart – their Great Value chocolate for easter, Laura Secord (who I emailed as I couldn’t find anything on their website) has peanut free but isn’t certified tree nut free (however, they did state they try to not have ANY nuts in the same plant – just not certified or test for other nuts). We did end up finding peanut/tree nut free stuff for the kiddos.

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