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  1. Gretchen
    Gretchen at |

    Thank you for this information. Since my husband has a tree nut allergy I often need to avoid using lotions and shampoo’s with nut oils. Once he got a large rash on his leg which we thought was a reaction to the lotion I had on. I have wondered about using this brand but will probably continue to avoid it. –Thanks!

  2. Sarah
    Sarah at |

    Nice information blog. Yes Aragn oil is a tree nut. Sarah from http://www.arganoiltree.com

  3. Linnea Sanchez
    Linnea Sanchez at |

    Gretchen if you could please explain what your hubby’s reaction looked like. I believe my daughter is having an allgeric reaction to argan oil. Thank you

  4. Amie Bane
    Amie Bane at |

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